Q: he rapped her in the book -Anonymous

did u and i read the same book pal

April 22nd 1
Q: I don't watch the show but I'm curious: what were the circumstances of the rape? (Not that any would make it okay.) Did he just feel like it? Was he drunk? Forced? -Anonymous

they were both just upset about joffrey thats literally it and jaime just got angry and raped her im so mad bc thats completely different from the books where it was consensual sex when jaime first arrives back in kings landing and now the showrunners twisted his character into this?????? a guy who rapes the woman he loves when he’s just angry??? this is so out of character ok but thats it. thats what the circumstances were he was angry and she was upset im!!!!!!

April 21st

that feel when no gf
its truly inspiring

April 14th
Q: what program do you use to make your edits/graphics/gifs? -Anonymous

photoshop cs6

April 10th
Q: i love that you reblog sj posts, its a bit saddening when big fandom blogs hate on those sorts of posts when theyre actually really important! -Anonymous

ah thank u im also starting to tag them too so others and myself can refer back to them for information/resources so its really nice to hear this!!!

April 7th 1
Q: hindi is the language, hindu is a person who follows hinduism. so no one can actually /be/ hindi :) -Anonymous

omg yes i know i was just mocking the anon who asked bc it was a p dumb question

April 6th
Q: which season finale are you watching? -Anonymous

the walking dead season 4 finale it was an hour ago and im still shaking

March 30th
Q: could you do a 'like this and i'll check out your blog'? -Anonymous

ok like this and i’ll check out ur blog

March 29th 3
Q: so.... i have no idea of who else to tell but here it is: so i'm a bit scared because tomorrow at school we are going to show some videos we made and i really dont want to. i know i'm going to be ambarrased and i don't want to cry there. i don't want everyone to see me "acting" in this stupid short movie thing. and i hate it. i dont want everyone to laugh. and even if they don't laugh at me i still feel like they do. and it makes me feel like shit. i'm scared -Anonymous

i get the same feeling whenever we have to do a group presentation or a video thing like you said man i dread it a lot and sometimes i do feel like im about to cry in front of everyone you’re not alone!!! but for me it always helps if i have a good friend sitting with me who understands how i feel about it and they help me laugh it off or just being there you know it feels comforting and usually i feel like im freaking out way too much tbh i dont think other people will care or dwell on it much if you make a mistake or you think you made a mistake bc it happens to everyone!! dont worry buddy just take a few deep breaths ur going to be fine :)))

March 17th
Q: i think they meant jen is becoming old news not old age wise (unless that was sarcasm in which egg on my face whoops) -Anonymous

omg i know bc there was a looooooooong list of things incorrect about that post so i was bein a lil sarcastic its ok bud

March 15th